Best Food in New York

New York is a major city in the United States. One of the most populated in the 50 states right behind California and Texas. New York has the highest building in the world. It is often referred to the city that never sleeps. New York has no shortage of bucket list food to eat. There are a huge variety of delicious food to eat here.

Bacon, Egg, and Cheese

Breakfast is one of the most important meals in the day, so it better be good! Here in New York we have a breakfast sandwich that is delicious and very common. Perfect if you’re Bacon Eggtrying to get a good bite to eat without taking a bite out of your wallet. The breakfast sandwich can be found in most food vans on the streets. You can’t go wrong with choosing the breakfast sandwich!


Here in New York we have the best pizza in the country. There is no better pizza than New York pizza. The pizza is smoked with an oven fueled by all natural wood making the pizza absolutely amazing. The pizza can be topped with sausage, pepperoni, and mushrooms. There is always a line for pizza in New York but is wondering if it’s worth the wait isn’t even a question. You won’t be disappointed.

New York Pizza

Black Label Burger

This burger is not your typical burger. This burger is on the higher end of the spectrum in terms of how well a burger is made. Although this burger is a little bit pricey it is worth it!  This burger is one of the well made burgers here in New York. You may even buy a second one if the first one didn’t fill you up.


The New York octopus is one of the best in the country. The fishermen catch octopus daily making it as fresh as it can be. Here our standards of preparing octopus and the overall quality of it, is higher than the standards of California! So we can guarantee how much you would like this octopus. Octopus can be served in a variety of ways. We can satay it serve it to you in a more mexican traditional way. Tacos or Burritos. Or you can have it served to you in a cocktail or soup. Either way, the choice is yours and it will be delicious any way you choose to do it.


If you are coming from out of the country there is nothing more american than the cheeseburger. Since it’s so common here people forget and take it for granted and not perfecting the cheeseburger. But here in the New York is an exception, although there are a few bad apples still making bad cheeseburgers, we beg to differ. We take great pride in perfecting our cheeseburgers, we have taken years in perfecting the ratios and we have gotten it down very well. We hope you love our cheeseburgers here. Lots of cheeseburgers can be found at restaurants or cooking vans. Either one is great in my opinion. If you’re looking for a more casual place to eat then the vans will work great. If you want more of a quality cheeseburger that is high on the spectrum a restaurant is also great. Although a bit more pricey, most people say it was worth every penny! We hope you enjoy the great food we have to offer, and enjoy your stay.

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Great foods to eat in Italy

When talking about italian dishes we’re not talking about the American-Italian food that is usually over-salted and is borderline mediocre. We’re talking about an organic, one of a kind dish that is unique in every way compared to our american ways.


Tiramisu is a popular Italian coffee dish for dessert. It is considered an elegant italian dessert that has a numbering of ingredients. The ingredients that it contains are lady finger biscuits, espresso, mascarpone cheese, eggs, sugar, Marsala wine, rum and coco butter


Italian Coffee

Here in Italy, there is a variety of coffee’s, and their coffee is actually known as caffee which is basically a shot of espresso. There are over 15 different types of orders just for specifically coffee style drinks.

Caffe doppio – Is 2 espressos served in one cup.

Caffe Latte – Is just hot coffee served in a cup with stirred milk.

Caffe Hag – A decaffeinated coffee

Caffe Lungo – A weaker version of coffee


Here are just some of the many options that you have in italy, it may not be as tasteful as starbucks but is definitely something to try out if you visit.

Bread sticks

Bread sticks are an excellent choice if you want to spicen up all your appetite. They are traditionally a side that have been thought to have been originally created in the 14’th century! Bread sticks are a traditionally italian food and sure are delicious! They have usually always served fresh and nothing can beat a nice soft crunch warm breadstick to get your appitate going before a meal. Bread sticks are probably one of the top sides to choose from. You wont go wrong with it.

Bread Sticks


Bresaola is salted beef that is served at room temperature, while you can eat it with olive oil it is usually more traditional to eat it on its own. Bresaola is sliced very thin and is air dried and the drying period for Bresaola is around one to three months, and before this process it must be cured for a few days. After these two processes, the meat losses 30-40% of it’s weight. Bresaola a great choice, although it is more of an appetizer than a full course meal.


Strolghino is a meat that is comes from pork and has a long process to prepare. It is also very thin, its average weight is between 200-300 grams. The meat comes from the leg of the pig and other part. It have a very short curing time, anywere between 10-20 days making the meat very fresh and tender. Strolghino is seasonal meaning that it is only available in certain times of the year.


Spaghetti is probably the most recognizable dishes from Italy. Spaghetti can be made from many times of flour but usually it’s made from wheat. Spaghetti is a very simple dish that will without a doubt fill you up with all the flour. It is very delicious and what separates italian Spaghetti to other Spaghetti is their sauce is unbelief good. This dish is a must get in Italy!

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Best Food places in San Diego

Have you ever been to San Diego in California?

San Diego in one of the biggest cities in California and is high up there in the list of most populated cities in California. San Diego is located on the west coast with one of the nicest beaches Southern California has to offer, making San Diego a tourist spot locally and internationally. If you planning on going to San Diego and thinking of places to visit, don’t forget places to eat! When most people plan a vacation, all their effort goes to where they are going to stay and do for most of the day… but one huge factor is eating! Believe it or not, most people don’t even think on what they are going to eat while on vacation until they are there so they feel rushed, or simply just don’t find a place that lives up to their expectation.

San Diego California


What is an appropriate thing to eat?

When on vacation, you want something delicious but not expensive. You don’t want to go to a typical chain restaurant… after all, you are on a vacation and you should treat yourself. Now if you are coming to San Diego from another country and want to try something “American” Nothing says American better than a Double Bacon Cheese Burger! Not only affordable but very delicious! There is nothing more satisfying that tackling a cheeseburger while laying in the warm sand and watching the surfers enjoy the day as you are enjoying your. Just the sensation of the amptoshere is breath-taking. It will leave you in a moment you won’t forget in the years to come!

Double Bacon CheeseBurger


A little taste of the south.

As always, when on vacation we don’t want to eat anything that is going to cost us our left arm to afford, but at the same time we want something delicious to satisfy our cravings! How about a California Burrito? Here in San Diego we are only about an hour away from the international border, so if you’re visiting from the other side of the country or from another country altogether, you might want to spoil yourself and enjoy two cultures at once. So the California Burrito is perfect for your cravings, and won’t cost you a mortgage payment to afford!

California Burrito

Spoil Yourself!

You’re out on vacation and you deserve to treat yourself. You worked hard for this vacation and perhaps spend months at the gym to look good in a swimming suit. This is the moment that you have been working for, this is your climax, so enjoy it! Spoil yourself. Here in San Diego we have the best Ice cream the world has to offer. Here you can find an excellent dish called the cococarma. It is creamy vanilla ice cream that is warmed in short bread and cookie crust making it irresistible. It is definitely a must have!


Finally Enjoy Yourself

You are on vacation in a beautiful place and it is important to know that you worked hard for it and you really do deserve to enjoy yourself. Here in San Diego we have the best tourist spots with a little bit of everything to enjoy oneself.


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Choosing the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in California

When you consider a nose job, the thought that should be uppermost in your mind is choosing the best Rhinoplasty surgeon in California to do it for you. But it’s easier said than done and a lot of homework needs to be done on this issue. Rhinoplasty is one of the most challenging and complex procedures, and even the slightest of errors on the part of the surgeon can have a great impact on the entire facial outlook. It might be the cosmetic angle which is mainly done to enhance the appearance like ironing out the bump on the bridge or it might be a full reconstruction of a nose damaged in an accident.

Rhinoplasty can be a cosmetic surgery that affects the nasal appearance, structure, and function. Rhinoplasty can make your nose larger and smaller, creating its point, reduce the width from the nostrils or transform the angle between your nose and upper lip. Rhinoplasty can right deformities and nasal injuries and assist individuals with breathing challenges. Should you be not happy with your nose looks or suffering a nasal linked disease can rhinoplastic resolve your issues.

The attributes to look for in the best Rhinoplasty surgeon

Experience, Training, Qualifications – The surgeon should be a specialist in the procedure you have in mind. The percentage of Rhinoplasty carried out by him in a year should be far greater than any other form of plastic surgery. He should have majored from the best medical schools in the country though there is a distinction between qualifications and professional expertise. The latter can be acquired through on-hand experience only. He should have also contributed to scientific literature and hence acknowledged as an authority in the field of Rhinoplasty.

Board Certification – This is almost mandatory, and the best Rhinoplasty surgeon in California will surely be board certified. These certifications are awarded to only the best surgeons who have proven excellent abilities and have met the high benchmarks set by the boards. Naturally, they will be well prepared to meet any exigencies that might arise during or post surgery.

Artistic Vision – The surgeon you opt for should have great artistic vision and a heightened sense of aesthetic beauty. Only then will he be able to craft the perfect nose, be it for cosmetic Rhinoplasty or Reconstructive Rhinoplasty. To be sure, ask for before and after photos of previous patients. Not only would you see a marked difference for the better, but the structure of the nose would also have a natural look to it, not like one that has undergone a certain degree of modifications.

Communication – During the initial consultation, the best Rhinoplasty surgeon in California will patiently listen to your goals and objectives and the look you would expect after surgery. Through computer imaging technology he will then show you simulated photos of the nasal structure that can be achieved through surgery. You will therefore instantly know to what extent your purpose will be fulfilled.

The most beneficial candidates for rhinoplasty Riverside are mentally stable individuals with superior wellness and realistic expectations. In rhinoplasty, no single universal way meets all of the requires of patients inside the very same way. Rhinoplasty may be diverse for every single patient so that the operation applied to the patient’s requirements. You will find two doable access towards the nasal body to adjust its shape: closed and open tactic. Commonly performed below common anesthesia.

Quite modest changes in the nasal structure, normally just millimeters, can have an important impact on the nose and the face. The formation in the final benefits may take as much as a year, through this time, my nose still makes small modifications. In most circumstances, individuals are quite happy using the seasoned surgeons perform.

There are lots of procedures that plastic surgeons use to help their individuals understand how their potential rhinoplasty Riverside will look like. Ahead of the laptop or computer, surgeons sketched on paper that they put over the patient image. It could give the patient an thought of what they could expect from the surgery. Computerized pictures, also referred to as morphing, has grown to be an incredibly powerful approach to communicating the expected performance as well as the goal of your surgery. Two-dimensional, computerized images, has come to be typical for most plastic surgeons carry out rhinoplasty.

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